Big R Trades by Hybrid Trading Workshop Students on Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 by Ken Long


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Note from Ken on Tuesday, May 26

Some of the Hybrid Trading Workshop students are actively trading now while also learning the techniques. Several gained 5R+ trades today (May 26) while applying the simplest rule set to our most basic pattern. More importantly, their self-assessment identified several places where they can improve their performance with some simple tweaks of their psychology and technique.

In the strategy podcast last night, I covered those trades and the intraday technique “Supported Spring Crossing” we taught over the weekend. That pattern worked like a champ today (May 26).

Separately, a Hybrid Workshop student sent me the following email about insights coming from the Peak Performance Home Study Course self-work assignment:

Hi Ken,

Thank you for your questions.

Best (+):

– I’ve never really sat down before to review “Who Am I” as a person, so it was a very enlightening experience to learn about myself (and to learn more about myself in the process), the roles I play in my life, and also to discover my values and ranking them.

– The exercise also helped me to unearth some parts that could potentially be sabotaging me in my trading. I am going through the Peak Performance Course so identifying the parts also helped me with going through the Parts Negotiation exercise.


– Continue to identify various parts of myself whenever they arise from within. Note them down and see how it interacts with my role as a trader.

– Besides a “Trading Journal”, begin a “Life Journal” to note down my daily thoughts about myself, my roles, etc.

– Continually update my understanding of self, systems and market.

– Take time to reflect in a systematic manner (Best, Least, Takeaways, Surprise, Question) after completing every such introspective, self-reflection exercise.

Surprise (!):

– It took me almost a week, much longer than I expected, to finish the exercise. I could feel quite a bit of resistance to finish an examination of my life roles, my purpose, etc. so I need to unearth that inner mental block a lot more.

Question (?):

– I’m pondering whether some roles I have played in the past (but no longer do so now) also have an impact on my current self and on my trading. I will have to identify whether these historical parts surface in present and future experiences, but as to how to do that I will still have to figure it out.


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