Amazing and Unique Times in Global Markets: Forex and Futures By, Gabriel Grammatidis

gabriel presenterI do not remember having seen before such a clustering of important charting events!

Forex: Three important PAR level numbers close-by or broken through: EUR, USD and CHF. Additionally, a lot of momentum going on in many pairs. For example, JPY weakness.

Thus, something is brewing, Beware the Big Currency Shifts!

Futures: While we are in a Commodity Super-Bull Cycle with basically all asset classes up, the USD has generated a bullish signal. With commodities up, we should see a weak Dollar. But this is not so. A very strong bearish USD pattern has delivered a failure signal and this is a counter-trend signal for USD strength.

Beware of a quick surge in USD strength over the next few quarters to come.

How so? Maybe Geopolitical events (Russia-Ukraine) combined with a deflationary crash (similar to GFC in 2010)?

The markets, and time, will tell…

1109 GG Chart1

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