Appeals of the Abundance Mindset by G.

Editor’s Note: G (who requested anonymity) is a client with an engineering background who has been working on developing trading systems for the last several years. Over the next coming weeks, we will feature his articles which take a deeper look into Van’s concepts including trading genius, abundance and belief systems. This is article 2 of 3.

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Van occasionally notes that most people’s model of abundance is incorrect. Curious, I decided to see what kinds of Abundance models I could find.

In short order, I concluded that the internet had more dead-ends than insights. I turned to Amazon and searched for the top-selling books on the topic. I was struck by the low sales volumes of the most popular Abundance books. Sales numbers represent the level of public interest… I wondered why volumes & interest levels would be so low.

One reason for the low sales volumes quickly became clear: all of the books I read were disappointing in one way or another. Several books listed procedures to follow for quickly obtaining more prosperity from the Universe as if it were a big ATM. A couple of books outlined how to bust out of a scarcity mindset and into an abundance mindset using proven methods that were sure to be self-reinforcing from the get-go. And one author contended that, if you simply wrote down everything you wanted and periodically reviewed your list of unfulfilled wants, manifestation would just happen, somewhat magically!

After a couple of weeks of reflecting on the assertions of various authors, I decided to go back through the books and my web printouts, to compile answers to a specific question:


I intentionally selected a wide variety of authors’ assertions that answered this question. Each assertion that represented a unique appeal was re-written for brevity and clarity, and then grouped for creating summary headers and three top-level conclusions, as shown below.1


  • An abundance of profits makes abundant giving easy.
  • An abundance mindset consumes less mental bandwidth.
  • Following your trading rules is much easier when profits are plentiful.

Worries vanish when Fear-of-Lack is replaced by Belief-in-Abundance.

  • ‘Abundance’ remedies two deep fears: not having enough and not being enough.
  • Fear is your worst enemy, for what you attract is what you fear.
  • Trading fears are erased by abundant profits neutralizing losses.
  • The robbers of your time are the past and the future, with fear as the root.
  • Abundance inverts fear into faith, optimism, and a positive future.

Levels 350 to 540 on Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness become much easier to attain.

  • In order for a shift to an abundance mindset to really stick, it’s helpful to thoroughly understand VTI’s Parts & Beliefs tools and Hawkins’ Map of Consciousness.2
  • Focusing on ‘enough’ enables a couple of steps upward in consciousness.
  • An abundance outlook is calming, allowing the mind to focus on the positive ideas found at higher levels of consciousness.
  • The shift to an abundance mindset dramatically shrinks the typical ‘payoffs’ available when operating at lower levels of consciousness.
  • Abundance is all about energy & spirit… love, joy, and peace are the intents.
  • An abundance orientation helps to keep motives pure and constructive.
  • Giving and its joys create an abundance of positive feedback loops.
  • An abundance mentality flows from a deep inner sense of personal worth and security.

Non-Material abundances are more easily recognized and valued.

  • True wealth is not about things, it’s about thinking and being.
  • You can’t install an abundance mindset by focusing on physical abundance.
  • What I enjoy the most these days is free and abundantly available.


You can make your reality one that you really want.

  • The mindset you choose becomes your experience.
  • It’s difficult to not ‘see’ or to not ‘be’ your mindset, so choose a great one.
  • You attract what you think about the most, so think about abundance.
  • Thinking apart from the herd is required to fully believe in abundance.
  • The ‘Game of Life’ is won once the imagination is trained on good only.

More mental bandwidth can be applied to spiritual communications.

  • The true source of all abundance can be engaged continuously.
  • Freedom from all unhappy experiences is done through making constant contact with your Inner Guidance every instant.
  • Thinking about Inner Guidance & Infinite Intelligence long enough changes neural functioning.
  • Frequent giving of gratitude directly changes your neuro-transmitters, with the ones that say ‘Thank You’ becoming more active.
  • Visualizing abundance in what you want creates a meditation that is good for the brain and helps manifestation.
  • “The Flow” of true abundance is about the power of incoming grace, the joy of receiving, and synchronicity.


  • Your Inner Guidance is a source of unlimited abundance.
  • “Give Infinite Intelligence right-of-way”… only your full trust is required.
  • “Miracles” come from shifting paradigms.
  • Only you limit abundance in all of its forms, shapes, sizes, and dimensions.
  • There are few limits to the experience that you can create for yourself.

Optimism and Energy are peak and well-rewarded through positive loops.

  • There is a clear, positive feedback loop created from giving & giving & giving.
  • The abundance mindset can spring you out of your comfort zone.
  • There is a natural ‘can-do’ attitude that comes along for free.
  • An abundance mentality is proactive, thinks big, embraces change, and likes learning.
  • External wealth flows from an internal state of abundance.

Results that others view as “impossible” are simply non-linear outcomes.

  • Exceptional outcomes are produced by exceptional thinking.
  • An abundance mentality has the potential to offer non-linear benefits.
  • Believing in abundance creates several positive feedback loops.
  • The ‘Holy Grail’ can exist inside of you and can produce levels of performance others think is impossible.

When I finally finished grouping the assertions and creating titles for each group, I was stunned to see such a compelling case emerge for fully embracing the abundance mindset. But I was confused as well… with such overwhelming appeals, how could it be that the sales volumes for books on abundance were so low? Why isn’t everybody jumping on the abundance bandwagon? It took a while to find answers that made sense to me.

Van recently observed that Super Trader (ST) transformations interact with each other to form positive feedback loops. I took Van’s ten most frequently observed ST transformations, added in several important tools found useful by VTI workshop participants and mapped out my personal sense of the positive influences between the various components. The resulting ‘positive-loops’ diagram provided me with sensible answers.

976 G2 chart1

The diagram revealed that those VTI clients who are skilled in ‘managing parts’ and in replacing non-useful beliefs have many positive loops available to help them make new beliefs really stick. The typical reader of a book on abundance has neither the developed skills nor developed the re-enforcing loops needed to easily and permanently make such a dramatic shift in their thinking.

As cogent a case as there is for shifting to an abundance mindset, it’s not easy to make the leap based simply on reading a book or an article… this article included! Only those experienced in tossing out non-useful beliefs and replacing them with more useful ones are able to quickly turn chosen assertions like those above into ingrained beliefs that are useful for trading and for life.

In gratitude to VTI…


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