Big Picture View of Forex and Futures Markets By, Gabriel Grammatidis


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Happy New Year and a good start to the trading year 2020!

This 14-minute video has a Top-Down-Analysis for the year; outlining the big upcoming trends in the Forex Markets. Overall, we should see a continuation of EUR and AUD weaknesses against USD, CHF, JPY, and NZD strength. In particular, the important price level of par/1.0000 in EURUSD will act almost like a magnet to attract price there. I expect prices to develop increased momentum during this year and we might even see some economic chaos starting in the Eurozone. At least, this is what the safe-haven currencies (CHF and SGD) are telling us.

976 GG chart1

This next video outlines some longer-term trends in the Futures Markets for the year 2020. Several asset classes (US Equities, Precious Metals, and Bitcoin) look outright bullish. Others, however, remain in a downtrend, especially energy contracts (Crude and Natural Gas). The strong price momentum in both directions allows for great trading opportunities in Futures – including holding longer-term positions. The charts say that we might see years of strong follow-through after the years-long period of price consolidations. Exciting times lay ahead…

976 GG chart2

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