Higher Timeframe Analysis on the Futures & Forex Markets by, Gabriel Grammatidis


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Futures Markets TrendScan for April

This very special TrendScan videdo features Gabriel discussing the Corona crisis on the higher timeframe (Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly) charts of key futures markets. While he is uncertain about the longer-term impacts of the crisis in futures, he can definitely see the effects of the “fear” leaving its traces in the charts.


Forex Top-Down-Analysis for April

This analysis video shows the impact of the Corona crisis on the higher timeframe (Weekly and Monthly) charts. Though the crisis seems quite extraordinary here on the ground, Gabriel sees little impact on individual currency pairs so far that would signal a complete game-changer. Basically, weak pairs remain weak so this is a reinforcement of trend and some important stop-run levels have been triggered. Gabriel is keeping an eye on key levels for the EURUSD now that will signal important triggering events.

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