How Crude Went Massively Negative This Week by, Gabriel Grammatidis


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This week in crude, the sellers of oil have been paying buyers $30-$40 per barrel. That is, the price of oil has gone negative for the April contract. Yes, you read that right —sellers are paying buyers this week to take oil off of their hands.

How could that happen?

Through his simple charts, Gabriel clearly shows how the setup for a big move in crude has been forming over many months. Just before the big drop, traders using Gabriel’s systems saw the entry signal and shorted crude. They have been rewarded handsomely. By whom? By some big players who were trapped this week and who had to pay dearly to get out of their long positions.

In the following video, Gabriel shows the months-long setup forming in the charts, this week’s massive squeeze, and what the future for the crude market likely holds.

Without great trading systems like Gabriel’s, traders can get trapped on the wrong foot and find themselves in a crisis move—even experienced big players in the market. When your systems help you see where the market is likely to go, however, there are few surprises. In these cases, Crisis = Opportunity. Be prepared, trade great systems.

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