July 2020 Student Check-in By, Ken Long


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Hi Ken,

It’s been ten months since I restarted my journey with you. If I remember correctly, I am one of your early Gold subscribers. I have been receiving your lessons for free thru the old Yahoo group, and I reckoned it was time to pay my dues. My investment has returned a hundred-fold. I was able to incorporate your systems and methods into my own beliefs and preferred way of trading. The daily nuggets you impart, especially the masterclasses, coffee talk, and moments of Zen enabled me to finetune little by little the way I trade (now primarily hybrid trades or swing trades initiated using your day trading techniques).

In the past, my results were erratic. I performed at pace with the benchmark, but my equity curve was not consistent. This year, the Risk-Z, market classification, the slope of the RL90, and listening to your daily strategy podcasts kept me from harm’s way and signaled when it was time to put risk back in the market. I managed my exits better by dialing down my swing trading to 30 minutes. I noted your advice to think of those swing positions as “gates on hinges” so I can be mindful that they can swing as fast and sometimes faster to erase all the gains.

In mid-June, I concentrated back to day trading as the Risk-Z went below zero. When the Risk-Z turned back up, some of my swing positions went much higher without me. Before, these missed trades affected me much. Hence, my key take-away this month is gratitude and forgiveness. While I missed some huge swings, I am grateful that I experienced my best month purely day trading. My best day earned 67R trading TSLA to the downside capturing the move from 1,750 to 1,500. I improved my day trades’ consistency and limited my max equity drawdown to just -1% the past month. I forgive myself for mistakes knowing that opportunities will always be there. I trust that the Rs will continue to come if I consistently and properly apply my process and trading plan. This goes back to your PLAN-PREPARE-EXECUTE-ASSESS process. Below are the results.

All the best!


1005 KL Chart1 1

Ken’s Response –


I cannot tell you how proud of you I am and how satisfying it feels for me to see someone who has transformed himself through attention to detail in all things. This is a testimony for the ages.

I am so glad to hear you are safe and sound and thriving in your corner of the world

Now, get back to work.


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