Living an Intentional Life By, Dr. Ken Long

Ken long no borderIt has been my privilege, honor and joy to have had a 26-year personal and working relationship in the Van Tharp Institute with my dear departed friend Dr. Van Tharp.

It started in 1995 when I attended my first VTI workshop in systems development as a young Army Captain, on active duty, raising a young family in a dangerous world. I took a measured risk to attend and discovered, to my surprise and joy, that I had found my people and my tribe—traders with heart and soul who were professionally competent, and personally warm, supporting, and trustworthy.

In fact, those words still ring true today as I look with great joy and remembrance over every experience I have shared with the VTI community and my guide, mentor, and trusted friend Van. He taught me to find, assess and update my beliefs as needed in order to trade in a way that fit my needs, personality and skills. He introduced me to the enlightened and positive community of practice that IS the Van Tharp Institute, a network of friends, family and collaborators that stretch around the world.

Under his guidance and coaching I have been able to develop trading systems, teach them to others,Mentor and share in the supportive yet rigorous learning community that has been such a special and giving community under his leadership.

I have been the fortunate beneficiary of his kind and helpful guidance and I cannot begin to count the number of ways he helped me be a better father, husband, teacher, student, and peaceful warrior.

I am committed to continuing to live by the principles and values he helped me discover, refine and act upon because that’s what the core of his teachings have been for me: How to be all in on living an intentional life, with 100% personal accountability and responsibility for my results.

While I grieve for the loss of my friend and mentor, I take solace in the countless ways he enriched the lives of others and for that reason I will never forget my good friend. May his legacy continue to live on and do good in this world.


Ken Long

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