Monthly Top-Down Analysis: Forex and Futures Trend Scans By, Gabriel Grammatidis

gabriel presenterSit in on two higher-timeframe analyses as Gabriel Grammatidis examines recent Futures and Forex market action in the following videos.

Monthly Futures Trend Scan (June 2022):

The USD Index (DX) is at a critical level that may deliver a pattern failure signal leading to a sudden strength in the USD. For confirmation, I recommend waiting for the quarterly bar close end of June. The picture of other asset classes is quite diverse and a bit confusing still. While US equities might drop 20%, crude oil could break to new highs, making a stop-run move. Interest rates are likely for a snap-back to average.

1106 GG Chart1 1

Monthly Forex Top-Down Analysis (June 2022):

Forex market developments are in line with the overall major currency shifts. The JPY with all main FX pairs continued to lose value. In a bit of a surprise, we saw the USD gaining strength, meeting with a long-term support level.

We have two alternatives for the EURUSD now:

  1. Snap-back to EMAs and upper range, and
  2. Break of resistance level and running for the 1.0000 par level expecting a definite break lower.

1106 GG Chart2

What have you been trading lately?

Futures represent one of the most effective vehicles you can find trading the markets.

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