Overview and Update On The Futures and Crypto Markets, by Gabriel Grammatidis

gabriel presenterIn the Trend Scan Analysis video below, Gabriel provides an overview on strong trend opportunities in the futures markets. When trading Futures, you can rely on multiple trading opportunities coming your way in various asset classes across multiple timeframes.

Gabriel sees the outlook right now ass particularly good for US Equity Indexes (Long), Metals (Long), Energies (Short), Interest Rates (Long) and the USD Index Future (Long).

Note: Gold (GC) just triggered a strong Long signal based on the Monthly chart for System 2.

Towards the end of the video, Gabriel talks about some trades from last week as well as about current trades. This week’s trades included going long in Natural Gas (NG) with some great trading results.

In the Crypto-Update video below, Gabriel focuses on BTC and addresses the Crypto market overall. BTC, and by extension, over 2,000 Cryptos, might need some further pullback in price on the Weekly/Monthly chart before the strong uptrend resumes again.

Gabriel shows how crypto charts are very tradable using technical analysis. Currently, there is a System 1 long trade setting up on the daily chart but the pattern still needs further development before it would yield an entry signal.

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