Satisfaction or Lack Thereof!, by Lee Coit

lee coit

It seems as if we are always needing something. Often, that thought both guides our actions and provides the basis for seeking Divine help. I know I can be guilty of this type of thinking. Part of our dis-satisfaction is due to the fact that we are Divine Beings and we know what is possible even if we have not been able to find it in our human experience. While dis-satisfaction may lead to improvement and motivate us, it can also make us forget how much we have to be grateful for. I am sure you have had the same experiences of looking back with gratitude that we did not get what we thought we so needed at some point.

For some time now I have been aware of just how things are far more perfect in my life than I realize. One little example is my long held desire to move onto a sailboat again because I love to sail so much. If I really stop to examine my current situation, however, I realize that the power boat I live on could not be more comfortable and suit my current needs better. The sailboat represents a dream I have long had to sail to tropical destinations and just hang out. In reality, I probably would not and probably could no longer really enjoy that lifestyle for any extended period of time. When I am tempted to daydream about what I might want, I notice my daydreams keep me from being truly grateful for all that I do have.

I am better taken care of by listening to my Divine source than I would be if my human fantasies and perceived needs ruled my life. Is it just getting older that tempts us to look back on what might have been? Or is it our doubts that our Divine Source always lovingly cares for us and provides what we truly need? May I suggest that the next time you are tempted

to consider the “what if’s” in your life, you change your mind and remember how much you have been given. I find it much more productive and serene to be grateful for all that I have rather than to let my mind wander about thinking what I wish I had.

I truly believe we are where we need to be right now. We are with the people we need to be with and we are doing whatever will speed up our “awakening” in the best way. Often, this means not being a millionaire or not living a life of fame and fortune — even though we tend to seek comfort and ease through getting stuff. In Reality, the opposite is true — we create harmony and Love by giving. We need Divine Guidance to help us bring these truly beneficial things into our lives. The more we give of spiritual things such as Love and Truth the more we have.
Sent with Love to all who seek the Truth.

Lee C.

About the Author:
Lee Coit began a quest for answers to his pain and frustration 37 years ago. He discovered an inner guidance system that has helped him make decisions in all areas of his life. This path has led to the writing of four highly successful books and to giving lectures and workshops internationally. Lee and Van have known each other for years and Van often recommends Lee’s books to seekers who wish to connect with their internal guidance. This article is publish with permission from Lee’s BlogCheck out Lee’s books on Amazon.

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