Surprised By the Strong Sell-off in Bitcoin? ​Ready To Go Long For a Target Price > $20,000? A Video Tip by Gabriel Grammatidis

Editor’s Note: Gabriel is a successful full-time trader, a VTI workshop instructor, and a dedicated coach with a passion to develop traders to a level they become profitable at home. Since his graduation from Van’s Super Trader program in 2010, he trades full-time the Futures and Forex markets – and for the past few years, he also trades Cryptocurrencies. He will share his unique expertise and trading knowledge at the two upcoming Futures Trading workshops in November at the Van Tharp Institute in Cary, North Carolina. We talked with Gabriel about what drew him to trading, his style of trading and about trading the Futures markets in particular.

Bitcoin (BTC) sold off big yesterday. Did you sell your Bitcoin holdings in a panic? Gabriel hopes not.

If you followed one system Gabriel teaches, you would have been aware that price dropping below about $9,200 could signal a further drop to the $6,000 – $8,000 range. Though it may seem counter-intuitive, Gabriel actually sees the current drop as very bullish and exactly what’s needed to fuel BTC above its previous high at $20,000. Gabriel recorded this six minute video explaining the price dynamics and the very bullish scenario now potentially setting up for BTC.

Gabriel watches the BTC chart daily and has been waiting for a breakout from the sideways range in Bitcoin for some time. Two weeks ago, he recorded this video talking about how his system was ready to go long BTC if the price broke up in a dramatic way and the threshold for a breakdown –

Gabriel’s systems do not require such dramatic price moves that BTC supplies but with a good system, you can be aware of likely developments and be ready to take advantage of big moves when they do happen.

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