VIDEO: 7 Steps To Infinite Wealth With Van K. Tharp

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In 2021 Dr. Tharp recorded this 20-minute video to outline his 7 steps to Infinite Wealth. We invite you to listen in while he covers these 7 points. In addition, he leads a short guided visualization exercise so you can envision your own path to infinite wealth.

Seven Steps to Infinite Wealth

  1. The first step is massive internal work. You want to be in a mental state of personal power when you do this work. This is very important.
  2. Complete a thorough self-assessment of where you are financially. Calculate your financial freedom number. There is power to knowing this number. When Van first learned of this and focused on his number he was financially free in six months.
  3. Reduce your biggest expenses. These are almost always 1) debt and 2) taxes.
  4. Increase your assets. What is an asset? Hear from Dr. Tharp on this because an asset may not be what you think.
  5. Look at assets you already have in a new way. Could you have assets that could be put to work for you. For example, is money in the bank money that could be earning more money for you in other uses?
  6. Consider a paradigm shift. Just learning to see your situation in a new way could make a big difference.
  7. Massive internal work. Same as the first step because it’s so important to this process.

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Watch Van’s “7 Steps” Video

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