Become A Trading Genius, by Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

Van headshotA while back, I found an outline for an entire workshop entitled Trading Genius on my computer. It was a three-day workshop dated November 2016, however, I never gave that workshop. I wanted to present it but in 2016, I thought we were presenting way too many workshops already and I felt that most of this material could be taught within the framework of existing workshops. When I ran across the Trading Genius workshop again recently, I thought the material was so good that I wanted to do something with it. But what?

Earlier this year we gave a streaming video technical workshop. The workshop combined Mark Boucher’s Reeds trading system with some great ideas from Chuck Whitman about different ways to trade it and more than a hundred fifty people from across the globe attended. As a result of that success I thought, “I could give a one-day online version of the Trading Genius workshop and include just the most important elements from the original three-day workshop.” In addition, I divided the one day of material into two half-day presentations. That way, if people didn’t like what they heard on the first day, then they could stop and get a full refund — just as in our live workshops. Further, if someone lived where it would be more convenient to watch the recording rather than the live stream, they’d still be able to make the same decision about whether or not to watch the second half — at the end of the first day’s recording. Finally, I said that we would make the price much lower than our Peak Performance workshops.

A while back, in another article, I asked you to give your thoughts about what a trading genius was. We got lots of responses — such as being in a flow state — but everyone’s answer was limiting. It’s so much more than any person expressed.

I’m excited about putting in the work to do something like this for the first time. The original Trading Genius workshop was really good to begin with but in the process of refining that over these last few months into a one day streaming event, I’m even more excited now. I believe that everyone has the capacity to be a trading genius — if they really get a few key concepts.

Top Ten Reasons It’s Great

First, you’ll get to gain the perspective of the whole Super Trader program in one workshop. Normally, people can only acquire that perspective after they have pulled together all of the pieces from the Super Trader Program. This perspective is so different from what anyone else has ever presented and so few people think this way that it will give you a really huge edge in the market. People who learn to think this way become trading geniuses.

Next, Trading Genius also provides the best points from six of our other workshops. Let me list some of them.

  • From Systems Thinking — There are three paradigms for knowledge and they each apply to trading — though with different results. If you are applying principles from outdated paradigms (such as the science paradigm), then you will find yourself doing pretty much what everyone else is doing. Geniuses think differently than everyone else and you can learn how.
  • From Systems Thinking and also from Peak 203 — Most of what you believe about “market” is just a projection, an illusion. The market (as a noun or a concept) is totally made up; it’s pure fiction. The market is not an object with finite qualities but instead, it’s an ongoing process. We’ve made up the market and I want you to really get why we did that and how we continue to do that. While you have probably borrowed a lot of beliefs about this fiction from those who talk on television or write books about the market, nearly all of those beliefs are not true at all. This is why I say that you only trade your beliefs about the market. So why not make sure that you are trading useful beliefs?

When you get this, and I mean when you really get it, you’ll suddenly have a huge edge in the market that very few people possess.

  • From Peak Performance 101 — Okay, so if the market is a projection, then how do you determine what beliefs are really useful and make you money? You can examine your beliefs to see if they serve you and how to replace non-useful beliefs with much more effective beliefs. Learning the specific process in this section alone will change your life and be worth the price of the entire workshop.
  • From How to Develop a Winning System that Fits You — We’ll give you five very useful beliefs that will help you take a lot of money out of the market. For example, if you could make +6R per month risking 1% of your equity per trade, then you would make about 72% per year — before any compounding. That’s probably enough to be a trading genius.
  • From How to Develop a Winning System That Fits You — I’ll give you ideas about how to apply a few rules to develop a couple of very simple systems (after a little work, the basis for these systems are one’s that I would approve for Super Traders to use). Coming up with these systems development ideas was a really interesting exercise. My Internal Guidance actually helped me create ideas for several systems that I like. That process was quite enlightening for me and I’ll share it with you.
  • Again from How to Develop a Winning System That Fits You — We’ll talk about the importance of understanding Market Type. I used to think market type was important but now I believe it’s actually one of the most important concepts for traders to understand. Most people don’t even grasp the idea that there are at least six market types and that it’s easy to design a good system for any one of them. It’s also insane to expect that one system would work well in all market types — but that’s how a lot of traders spend their time and effort.
  • From Advanced Peak Performance (Peak 202) — I’ll show you how trading is just a game. Games usually begin when people in power start making up rules for how to play the game. You, of course, don’t know they made up those rules so you just follow the rules blindly. But guess what? There is nothing to stop you from making up your own rules that will help you play better (and win) because you can turn the existing game into a different game, one that works for you. Making up rules that benefit you and don’t hurt anyone else is legal. Most people just don’t know that it can be done but you will learn how.

Can you begin to understand why I’m so excited about the Trading Genius workshop? I have never brought all of these ideas together before in one workshop. And you don’t have to travel anywhere. You can just watch it all from the comfort of your own home.

Finally, we’ll cover a few topics that are not really discussed in our other workshops or anywhere else.

  • Here’s one — who you are. You can take several perspectives here (your choice) and we’ll show you how to emphasize all three in a way to help you be a trading genius. As an example, I worked with an engineering professor in the late 1990s who was about to retire with a million dollars in his retirement account. I spent two days with him helping him clear out a lot of non-useful beliefs and charges. At the end of the third day, we did a process that helped him connect to his Internal Guidance. For most people, this process was just a small added benefit, but for him, it turned out to be huge. His Internal Guidance started to totally guide his life and everything took off for him. When I met him next about nine years later, he explained how his Internal Guidance had taught him a trading system and he had grown his account to the size of a small hedge fund – but it was all his money. Eventually, his Internal Guidance told him — “You have enough money now, stop trading.” He did, but what a perfect time to stop trading — late in 2007 before the onset of the global financial meltdown.

Those Simple Trading Systems

Before working on Trading Genius, I had five basic rules I like to use for trading so I started to think, “How can I turn these rules into simple systems? What could be several examples of applying these?”

As many of you know, I have a strong Internal Guidance. She has never attempted to teach me a trading system but to be fair, I have never asked. Recently, She took me through a process of taking some simple trading ideas that I really liked and turning them into systems. As I said above, I’d probably approve any of my Super Traders using systems based on these ideas as part of their graduation requirements. They would of course need to do some work to develop them more fully but I really like the ideas and I’ll share my thinking on how they came about in this workshop.

Okay, so did you just hear, “Van is going to give me some simple systems that will make me a lot of money?” If you think that’s what I said, please re-read what I said. Someone could take these ideas and turn them into great systems — with some work. At the workshop, I’ll even tell you what sort of work you need to do to make them great.

Perhaps what you just read means attending this workshop makes sense for you now. If so, then please join us.

Something Even More Important

Beyond a few good system ideas, however, I want to help you transform your thinking so that you’ll become:

  • A trading genius – someone who can really think outside the box and thus come up with edges that no one else tends to have.
  • A genius in any other field you wish to apply yourself – including your current career.
  • A person who has transformed their life – because that’s our mission – Self-transformation through a trading metaphor.

There Is A Huge (Once in a Lifetime) Edge Available Right Now

All of these points would really improve your trading profits and your life but I plan to discuss one more subject in this workshop. There is a huge edge open for almost anyone who wants to take advantage of it and right now, we’re at a very low risk time period — which will probably still be available to you in two weeks if you attend the workshop. The workshop conclusion on the second day will discuss this low risk entry idea for what is probably the biggest edge that I have seen in the markets in my seven decades on this planet.

The window on this edge, however, will close over the coming months and years after which, it will be gone. This area of opportunity might still remain attractive over time, but the huge edge will be gone. If you read this newsletter regularly, you probably know what it is as I write a monthly update on. Look at the chart below. What do you see? Hopefully, you see something starting to happen right now.

944 van chart1

Act Right Now

Here is my risk free invitation to helping you change the way you think and the way you trade. If you can do the things we will talk about at the workshop, you can become a trading genius. The opportunity is risk free because you can get a full refund if you don’t like what you hear after the first day.

Right now, you can enroll in this two-half day workshop for just $600. That’s less than a -1R loss for most of you and it’s far, far less than an investment in one of our regular three day workshops. Trading Genius will give you the opportunity to totally transform yourself. Afterwards, you will think very differently than the crowd about markets and trading. We won’t hold your hand but we will give you the steps to do the Self work and the work on your trading so you can go make a lot of money in the markets.

Enroll now and I’ll see you soon on June 12th. (If you decide to attend in person, also consider attending Living in A Beautiful State and save another $100. I’m also excited about Living in A Beautiful State as this is a new workshop that I’m also looking forward to attending).

Read More about our the Trading Genius workshop…

Van K. Tharp, Ph.D.

PS. Some people have asked what the hours of this workshop are. The plan is to start each morning at 9 AM (New York time zone) and finish at 1PM — but the real answer is I don’t know when we will finish. If there are a lot of questions during the course, we will answer them and probably run over the planned finish time. If there are not that many questions, perhaps we’ll finish early. It’s very hard to predict but the goal is to start at 9 AM and to finish at say 12:30 PM Eastern US Time and then answer question until 1 PM

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