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Editor’s Note: G (who requested anonymity) is a client with an engineering background who has been working on developing trading systems for the last several years. Over the past few weeks, we have featured his articles which take a deeper look into Van’s concepts including trading genius, abundance and belief systems. This is article 3 of 3.

To read the first article in his series, click HERE.

In 2014, I took time off from trading to work through the five volumes in the Peak Performance 101 home study course. In Volume 3, Chapter 6, Van lists several of his supportive beliefs at the Spiritual level of the belief hierarchy proposed by Robert Dilts, prefacing the list with this observation: “a change at the deepest level would permanently change the entire system”.

In 2018, after four days of participating in the Peak Performance 202 workshop, I finally got what Van was talking about. A lot of my beliefs higher up in the hierarchy simply evaporated once a few new spiritual and identity beliefs were created and installed. In just four eye-opening days, my life changed for the better, and permanently so. I would not have believed that such shifts in my thinking were possible had I not experienced the process first-hand.

In the summer of 2019, my Inner Guidance led me to do deep-dives into a variety of topics, like Genius processes and Abundance-Scarcity mindsets. The final dive for 2019 was a comprehensive look at beliefs that spanned both the Spirituality and Identity levels in Dilt’s hierarchy. Among the many books I ordered from Amazon, I carefully read three books by one author in particular which filled in suspected holes in my belief system. Several hundred small sticky notes were used to mark all ideas that resonated with me upon first reading. Ultimately, I qualified about fifty new, useful beliefs, which were then organized into a self-consistent structure for ‘installation’ using Michael Hall’s Mind-To-Muscle technique [1] [2]. Including titles and headings, 72 beliefs were installed and are presented below for interested readers.


Being unconditionally loving is in your future, sooner or later.

  • You are here to evolve your soul by being something better.
      • You are on this planet to produce something with your soul, not your body.
      • You can’t evolve your soul by ‘doing’; it’s the state of ‘being-ness’ your soul is after, not the state of ‘doing-ness’.
  • The highest choice you can make feeds your soul the love it seeks.
      • The highest choice is always the answer to the only question that matters to your soul: “What Would Love Do Now?”
      • What the soul is after is the highest feeling of love you can imagine.
  • Your soul is literally immortal.
      • Our ‘form’ runs out of steam, while our soul lives on & on.
      • You can’t fail as a soul … you’ll get as many chances as you want or need to evolve to the next level.

Highly Evolved Beings believe: we are all One; there’s enough; there’s nothing we have to ‘do’.

  • Most people live in the illusion of duality.
      • Few understand what Separation and Oneness are really about.
      • There is only One of us.
      • Unity is the truth, duality is the illusion.
      • Society lives in the illusion, where all is separated in all ways.
  • ‘Abundance mind-sets’ are rare.
      • Our current collective consciousness doesn’t embrace the concept of ‘enough’.
      • “Not-Enoughness” creates and recreates the world as you see it.
  • ‘Doing’ and ‘Being’ are very different.
      • ‘Doing’ is about passion & joy. ‘Being’ is about choosing who you want to be.
      • You can’t ‘do’ things to get to ‘be’ something different; you just decide to ‘be it’.



Choose with total commitment.

  • Astonishing results can occur when the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony when choices are made.
  • Choices are ubiquitous.
      • You can do, be, have whatever you can imagine.
      • You are whatever aspect of divinity you choose to be.
      • Every minute of every day, choose what you want to be since it is the purpose of your life.
  • The Universe will manifest what you single-mindedly choose.
      • The secrets of all Masters: keep choosing the same thing.
      • Think only about what you want to be … to do … to have.
      • The Universe is a very big Xerox machine producing multiple copies of your thoughts.

Simple choices yield big payoffs.

  • The benefits of being in the present are unmatched.
      • Peace, Love, Joy, are all in the same place: in the Present.
      • How to stop making things up? Be in the Present.
  • Whatever you want, freely give it away.
      • The Big Secret: Whatever you choose for yourself, give to another.
      • When you learn to give unconditionally, you will learn to receive unconditionally.
      • Life’s irony is that, as soon as worldly goods & success are of no concern to you, the way is open for them to flow to you.
  • Peace flows from an awareness of perfection.
      • The path to Peace is to see perfection in all things.
      • Perfection is all around us for those who are fully aware.

You are in control.

  • You have continuous control over what you experience.
      • If there is something you choose to experience in your life, then choose it fully and completely.
      • If you don’t like what you’ve created, then choose again.
  • Changing your own thinking is under your direct control.
      • Using re-framing to quickly change perspective is key since perspective creates thoughts and your thoughts control everything.
      • Reverse the normal process: you can change the way you think by taking action first, which then forms words, which then creates thinking.



Dive into the process of creation & change.

  • Change and creation are the heart of life.
      • Life is the process by which everything is being created.
      • Life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation.
      • The Universe and all souls are all about evolution & change.
  • Be deliberate in living consciously.
      • “Consciousness” is creating & experiencing your own reality, expanding and exploring that reality, and re-creating reality to new limits.
      • The only question you have to answer is: “Do I want to live this life consciously or unconsciously?”

You have to see what works best.

  • Empirically, expressing gratitude for a future, as if it has already happened, is more effective in asking for what you want than thinking “I want …”.
  • Highly Evolved Beings (HEBs) ‘observe’ to find out “What Works”.
      • Observations and assessments of “What Works” are quite different from judgments.
      • HEBs observe more, to increase the speed at which they are evolving, by seeing “What’s So” and then doing “What Works”.

Avoid common thinking traps.

  • Expectations Self-Jail You.
      • Expectations are the cause of all disappointments; simply let go of all attachments to outcomes.
      • Freedom is living your life without the expectation of specific results.
      • There is nothing scary about life if you are not attached to results.
  • The energies of fear and resistance strengthen them.
      • The act of resisting a thing is the act of granting it life; the more you resist, the more you make it real.
      • Emotion is the power that attracts; that which you fear strongly, you will experience.
  • Beware of beliefs from institutions.
      • “Unworthy” is a human tool used to control others.
      • Religions and Governments serve their own purposes.

The three related books that were most helpful in expanding my spiritual and identity beliefs were written by Neale Donald Walsch, entitled Conversations with God. I agree with the author: the ‘conversations’ contained in these three popular books are ‘uncommon dialogs’.

The outcomes of this deep-dive and installation project have been very positive and quite unexpected. My intra-day trading has become pretty much effortless; my position sizes are increasing with no additional stress; my VTI Happiness Test score went from the mid-’60s into the ’80s; my VTI Self-Esteem Test score went from 12 two years ago to 3 now; and importantly, incessant head-chatter has largely disappeared, so it’s a lot easier to stay in the present than before.

Creating and installing these new beliefs somehow dissolved a number of residual parts and unhelpful beliefs that were holding me back in ways that I couldn’t figure out. Fortunately, Van was spot-on once again: changes at the deepest levels change the entire system.

In gratitude to VTI … G

[1] The KJ methodology was used to organize selected beliefs; for more info, visit:

[2] For more info on this technique, visit:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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  1. Absolutely extraordinary. All of your articles are thoughtful, inspiring, and – most importantly, actionable. Many thanks to VTI and the anonymous “G.” I have no more excuses.

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