Day and Swing Traders for The Week of June 10th, By Ken Long PhD

This week, you have a choice of watching a 3 minute day trading video or a 21 minute swing trading video from Dr. Ken Long. In the day trading video, Ken details multiple trades in 5 symbols from Monday morning, June 10th that were set up by the weekend’s swing trading signals. For the swing perspective from the weekend, watch this video where Ken reviews 65 daily charts (a few seconds for each) of 30 Dow symbols and the most liquid ETFs. To understand more about Ken’s swing trading system, you can learn more about his elearning course here where he teaches five mechanical trading systems. You can learn more about his day trading strategies at his fall Day Trading Workshop where he will teach how he uses the swing trading signals to set up excellent day trades in multiple symbols on a daily basis.

Here are the videos:

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