Forex & Futures Market Analysis July 2020 By, Gabriel Grammatidis


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Futures Markets Review

This Monthly Trend Scan reveals great trading opportunities for a number of long-term trades. Many asset classes look to be ready to start sustained uptrends including: US equities, metals, and energy. There’s a potential downtrend approaching in the USD Index contract. Gabriel also points out a number of shorter term opportunities forming as well.


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FOREX Markets Review

This Monthly Top Down Analysis of major currency pairs provides first indications that we are likely to witness a major shift from USD strength to weaknesses. We have not seen such a change for many years and the shift may even strengthen the weakest currency for years against USD – AUD! Interesting times. The 15-minute video covers short, intermediate, and long term probable moves as well as key levels for the USD, GBP, CHF, EUR, and AUD.

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