Video: Swing Trading Opportunities and Preparing for Battle Stations! By, Ken Long

Ken long no borderNightly Strategy Podcast: Saturday, October 1st, 2022

On Saturday, Ken Long’s Nightly Strategy Podcast produced a spontaneous discussion on how we view Swing Trading and how it connects to Day Trading, Core Trading and Hybrid Trading. In this video replay, hear insights into our fundamental assumptions about how it all ties together.

Ken will also present a detailed review of Swing trading opportunities and trade framing that made him and his students very well prepared for the “surprise” (not surprising) market bounce within the past week.

This is a powerful testimony to the effectiveness of the “Plan, Prepare, Execute and Assess” approach to routine trading as Ken’s Nightly Strategy Sessions primed traders to be ready for the market to react in either direction and helped them “prepare for battle stations”.

1121 KL Video1

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Ken’s Trading Attitude and Trader Feedback

Watch this 1-minute snapshot to hear the distilled essence of Ken’s shorter-term, professional trading, “The Sniper Mindset”. Click here!

This next video illustrates the work that Ken and his students do in his Creativity 202 course during their weekly check-ins. Click here!

Finally, check out these trades from Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 from a student, now trading a prop firm’s money at the 1M level. Below are the trades from his 19R day.

1121 KL Chart1

1121 KL Chart2 1

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